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Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords: Android App Arena 29

Jason Howell reviews the Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords app for Android. For the full episode, go to

Best Guitar Songs App - Four Chords Guitar Karaoke

Download Four Chords: iOS: Android: Steam: SUBSCRIBE: ▻▻ ...

Best Android Guitar Chords App

Cool and FREE for guitarists beginners and experienced Find the app here:

AnySong Chord Recognition - how to detect chords within any audio track

With AnySong Chord Recognition you are able to recognize guitar chords in any song stored on your android device. Get it here: ...

Music Theory app - Chords in Keys v3 - Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad

A music theory app for Android and iOS devices for all musicians of tuned instruments (guitar, piano, brass, strings, wind, etc). Download from: Google Play: ...

Android App Arena 29: Tools for Musicians

Host: Jason Howell Hands-on reviews of Tunable, Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords, Evernote, and Gas Buddy. Send in your app tips to Vote for ...

Chordec: chord detector/recognition for iOS

Chordec does chord recognition for songs from your iOS device. Its algorithm has the highest accuracy among published algorithms till at least the end of 2012.

Review: Ultimate-Guitar Chords App

For guitar lessons and gear reviews, go to The Ultimate Guitar Chord App Lots of chords Lots of positions and fingerings for each ...

Ultimate Guitar APP REVIEW

Ultimate Guitar APP REVIEW Everything you need to know.

Review of Chordec: Chord Detection/Recognition App

Here's a quick review of an awesome app I found which finds out the chords to any mp3 you put into it. Genius Stuff! Or more creative genius/tips/blogs/resources ...

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